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About us

Zhejiang Pushkang Biotechnology Co., Ltd, founded in 2014 by Dr.Yu Bo, is a high tech enterprise specialized in R&D, Production and Promotion for IVD product. With the core technology platform of Centrifugal microfluidics, Pushkang had successfully developed POCT products for Coagulation, Biochemistry, CLIA and Molecular tests, etc.


Adhering to the mission of " Accessible health testing at your side ", Pushkang is committed to providing comprehensive, cutting-edge and easy to use microfluidic technology products for medical institutions, different level hospitals, emergency department, clinical department, mobile clinics, etc.


Pushkang has approved the EU ISO13485 and CE-marked to build a perfect quality system, which has self-intellectual property rights in the field of microfluidics. To date, Pushkang has obtained more than 70 national and international patents.


Pushkang has more than 300 employees, whose professional fields cover biomedical engineering, electronic information engineering, microfluidic technology, mechanical automation, software engineering, etc. Meanwhile, forms a scientific and technological research and development team with high professional quality and strong innovation ability.