Medical aid to Tibet, love boundless

On August 2nd, the medical testing equipment and materials donated by Zhejiang Pushikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to Tibet arrived in Nagqu and held the donation ceremony. Li Meng, deputy mayor of Nagqu city, Wang Hongzhou, director of Nagqu Health Committee, Jiang Zhen, leader of Zhejiang Tibetan-aid Medical Group, nagqu Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Seni District People’s Hospital and other recipients of hospitals attended the ceremony. Wang Jianan, deputy secretary general of Nagqu City government and Director of Zhejiang Tibetan-aid Headquarters Office presided over the donation ceremony.

In order to actively respond to a nation called on to support the western medical development, the social responsibility of seacon biological explorations, in several times to shandong, anhui, hebei, ningxia hui autonomous region to donate new crown professional medical test instruments and resistance to disease related materials, used in the western region medical institutions to conduct will be coronavirus pneumonia outbreak detection of prevention and control work, holding my hand again, Contribute to the sustainable development of xizang medical cause.

As a high-tech enterprise committed to providing comprehensive advanced and convenient microfluidic technology products for medical institutions, focusing on in vitro diagnosis (IVD) RESEARCH and development and production, the company will mainly donate to nagqu Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital and Seni District, Biru County, Jiali County and Bangor County people’s Hospital. Donation of urgently needed automatic coagulation analyzer, automatic chemical spectrometer, automatic biochemical analyzer and supporting reagents and other materials.


Pushikang actively responded to the call of pairing support from the CPC Central Committee and the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, and donated testing equipment and materials to Nagqu city through the matchmaking of cadres in Zhejiang for Tibet. These devices are especially suitable for blood testing and analysis in high-altitude environment. It is hoped that this batch of medical equipment and materials can boost the further development of Zhejiang medical aid to Tibet. At the same time, he expressed deep respect to the cadres and talents from Zhejiang who worked at an altitude of more than 4,500 meters and braved the harsh environment of hypoxia on the plateau and had the courage to take on their mission.

Li Meng, on behalf of nagqu Municipal government, thanked Zhejiang Pushikang for its donation. He pointed out that in zhejiang Province, under the careful coordination of the Tibetan headquarters, in a short period of time to facilitate the love donation across thousands of miles, fully embodies the friendship of Zhejiang and Zhejiang forever, thanks to zhejiang province and Zhejiang love enterprises to make contributions to the friendship of Zhejiang and Zhejiang; The arrival of the medical equipment and materials adapted to the plateau environment will greatly enrich the equipment conditions of the assisted hospitals in Nagqu city and effectively improve the capacity of grassroots medical testing services. He asked the recipient units to pass on the love of Zhejiang enterprises, take good care of this batch of equipment, and give full play to the important role of donated equipment.


Post time: Aug-18-2021