Veterinary Automatic POCT Hematology Analyzer PB30V

Veterinary Automatic POCT Hematology Analyzer PB30V

Brief Description:


Veterinary Automatic POCT Hematology Analyzer PB30V is tailored to help diagnostic veterinary laboratories identify the most subtle changes in complete blood counts (CBC). With state-of-the-art technology, simple operation and relatively low daily sample volume, our blood analyzers can provide the best solution for animal health judgment.

Intended use

Veterinary Automatic POCT Hematology Analyzer PB30V is a dedicated veterinary 3-part hematology analyzer that is designed to solve the problems of space constraints and budget constraints in veterinary laboratories. It features state-of-the-art technology, easy operation and few reagents, apply for small to medium veterinary clinics and laboratories.


21 blood routine parameters+ 3 specificprotein measurement+ 3 histograms

10.1 inches TFT touch screen

Minimum 20 tests per hour

20µL sample volume for testing

3 sample modes: whole blood, capillary blood and pre-diluted modes

4 USB ports,bi-directional LIS

Build-in lyse reagent with low consumption

Build-in diluent dispenser for pre-diluted mode 2 types of languages are available


  • 3-part Hematology Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) analyzer with CBC+CRP+SAA
  • Monotest cartridge, free of reagents
  • Impedance method used for CBC measurement
  • Requires 20 ul of whole blood, specifically fingertip blood
  • One-step operation with TAT in 4 minutes

1. Real-time testing

It helps to streamline the testing process and provide accurate results quickly, allowing veterinarian to identify and address any issues promptly.

2. Accurate test results

Hematology analyzers with high accuracy can provide precise test results to help doctors make accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions.

3. Small size and portable

Small and portable hematology analyzers usually have a compact design for easy portability and operation.

4. Easy to use

Clear user interface and simple and intuitive operation process can reduce misuse.


Product Detail

Technical Specifications

Test Principle Impedance method、Coulter principle、Colorimetry、Immunonephelomety
Parameters 21 blood routine parameters+ 3 specificprotein measurement+ 3 histograms
Sample type Capillary whole blood, venous whole blood
Sample volume 20μL
Throughput ≥18 samples per hour
Display 10.1 inch touch screen
Data capacity UP to 200,000 results including numeric and graphical information
Interface 4 USB ports, Wifi,WLAN, HDMI; Support bi-directional LIS
Printout External laser/inkjet printer
Power voltage AC100V-240V; 50-60HZ
Operating environment Temperature: 10℃~32℃; Humidity: 20%~85%; Air pressure: 70kPa~106kPa
Dimension & weight 259mm×288mm×313mm; 9.8kg


Parameter  Linearity Range Precision
WBC(10/L) 0.00~300.00  ≤2.5%
RBC(10/L) 0.00~8.50  ≤1.5%
HGB(g/L) 0~250  ≤1.5%
HCT(%) 0.0~75.0  ≤1.5%
PLT     (10°/L) 100~500  ≤4.0%

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